Fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace

Creating an environment of trust and safety is crucial to empowering people to take creative risks

A Note From Our Founder:

Hello! It’s lovely to have you here.

I thrive on community. Everything I do, all that I represent, is through the lens of belonging. It’s my zone of genius.

Moving to New York without knowing a soul, I strategically leveraged storytelling to communicate effectively and efficiently with complete strangers. I have since mastered the art of networking in New York and discovered the secret balance for incorporating the New York networking style within our Australian business culture.

Throughout my years as a people leader, I have always been the person people feel comfortable to come to with any concern. Through my years of studying and coaching, I have a range of tools that I use to guide people and teams through various challenges.

I often wonder if I would have avoided burnout and thrived in my former career as a lawyer if I felt that I had a genuine safe person to talk to at work and access to the information and tools I now have.

I’d like to set up that support for someone else.

Nomadic Breeze International is a consultancy created by Amanda Leigh Doueihi.

Amanda is a former Head of People and Culture and an experienced Australian and New York senior lawyer. No longer practising law, Amanda now guides clients to develop an innovative organisational culture via strategic and behavioural change management, leading to continuous improvement, growth and achievement of objectives.

What We Do

We focus on implementing strategic alignment with stakeholders and managers which then allows your team to add genuine, commercial value to the work they do. Our areas of expertise are:

01. International People and Culture support

02. HR Governance, Policies and Processes

03. Mediation and Conflict Resolution

04. Mediation and Conflict Resolution

05. Team Culture Development

06. Enhance Organisational Efficiency and Employee Satisfaction

07. Executive and Leadership Coaching