About Nomadic Breeze

Bringing international leadership experience to every project, Amanda balances the priorities set by the Board and other stakeholders with those of business owners, successfully creating and implementing aligned strategies, and where appropriate, providing a strategic approach to advocacy and change.

We focus on implementing strategic alignment with stakeholders and managers which then allows your team to add genuine, commercial value to the work they do.

Communicating complex information to a wide range of audiences, we can guide clients to develop an innovative organisational culture via strategic and behavioural change management. This has lead to continuous improvement, growth and achievement of organisational objectives.

Our unique experiences and application allows us to develop and drive a stakeholder engagement strategy and a comprehensive people strategy, lead partnership engagements and business development, and, together with our coaching and mentoring experience, implement practicable solutions across many portfolios.

Amanda has a strong ability to develop and foster partnerships with stakeholders, executive leaders and clients and those with diverse demographic backgrounds.

We partner with you to achieve meaningful client-centred outcomes through creative, authentic, and purposeful collaboration.